What is FUSE?

FUSE (Fellowship of Urban Suburban Engagement) is a partnership between houses of worship, community groups, and non-profit organizations in Delaware County, PA. FUSE members are Christian, Jewish, and Muslim; they come from different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds; and they bring a range of cultural traditions to the table.

The purpose of FUSE is to: 

  1.         Deepen relationships across racial, ethnic, religious and geographic lines; 
  2.         Extend ourselves to one another and strive wholeheartedly to understand “the other” in our community; and
  3.         Help others understand us, and together, create a shared sense of destiny and purpose.

How does FUSE work?

FUSE members come together for events like communal meals and holiday celebrations, but also for meaningful dialogues on how to make ALL of our communities stronger. We believe that learning more about one another’s life experiences, goals, challenges and opportunities can create shared understanding and build trust. We will accomplish this through:

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  • Joint social and educational activities that engage congregants from FUSE houses of worship, as well as stakeholders from community partners and nonprofit organizations;
  • Collaborative projects aimed at strengthening our various communities;
  • A community-wide annual gathering that will enable us to address community needs and challenges, both urban and suburban, and launch initiatives and action steps that will be created and implemented in partnership with one another.

Why “FUSE”? 

FUSE embodies the dual meaning of its name: “fusing” our communities together into one, sharing a path, and lighting a spark to ignite real change throughout Delaware County.